I am 25 years old and I’ve noticed a small growth on my face. It looks like a wart. How shall I treat it?

A wart is a viral infection and it can be contagious. Suggested treatment is electric cautery (fulgration). You can catch the infection from salon workers while getting a skin treatment.

I don’t have a healthy sleeping pattern due to work and studies and my eye bags are huge and dark. Other than that my skin tone is light, which brings out the dark circles further. How do I treat it?

There are multiple causes of dark circles including sleep deprivation, wearing eye make-up, sun exposure or it could be inherited. Try to get better sleep, avoid eye make-up unnecessarily and wear sunscreen religiously. At night, you could use any good anti-oxidant cream like vitamin C. You have to do this routine for long periods of time to see results.

I have slight pigmentation on the corner of my lips. I do not smoke. Why does that happen and what should I do about it?

This could be caused by your toothpaste or dribbling of saliva. Use a combination of mild steroid with anti-fungal cream.

I am 22 years old and I have hyper-pigmentation on my face. I otherwise use facial oils and wear sunscreen during the day. Why does this happen and how can I treat it?

Hyper pigmentation may be due to photosensitivity, lichen plans pigmentosa, drug reaction, dye allergy, use of contraceptive pills or various other reasons. To treat it, use sun block, mild steroid cream, chemical peel like glycholic acid and visit a dermatologist for further opinion.

I have thick hair growth on my chin and I use threading as a hair removal procedure. I have minimal hair growth on the rest of my face and don’t require any hair removing. What would you recommend?

Opt for laser for best results.