People get defensive when presented with hard facts: Sonakshi Sinha

There is something wrong with the population explosion in India and Khandaani Shafakhana tries to raise awareness about it, says actor Sonakshi Sinha.

The actor believes that films hold a mirror to the society but mere facts are not enough to convince people.

“The human nature is such that if you attack someone with facts head on, and show them what is wrong, they always get defensive. But when you say it in a light hearted way, and lace it with humour, I think they are more receptive.

“They will understand what you’re trying to say and this is what we’ve done with this film as well. I think the kind of topic that it touches upon, it required a certain humour to it for people to kind of understand and start thinking about what we’re trying to say,” she told PTI in an interview.