Is Paris Jackson secretly married?

In the year or so since Paris Jackson began dating Gabriel Glenn, the 21-year-old model has experienced more ups and downs than some folks see in a lifetime.

Much of the tumult had to do with the release of the Michaek Jackson documentary Leaving Neverland, which contained shocking new evidence linked to the pop legend's alleged sex crimes.

On social media, Paris defended her father and dismissed the charges against him in a fashion that many found callous or inappropriate.

Insiders worried that Paris was headed for an overdose, a meltdown, or some other personal tragedy.

Things seem to have stabilized for Jackson these days, and Glenn - who stood by her side throughout - seems to have had a stabilizing influence. Often, tough times test our bonds and bring us closer to those we love.

Which might be part of the reason so many are convinced that Paris and Glenn secretly got married sometime in the past few weeks.

Another good reason, of course, is the fact the pair appeared to be sporting matching wedding rings at a recent red carpet event.

Insiders say Paris won't even answer her family's questions with regard to whether or not she and Glenn are hitched.

“The family is freaking out,” an insider tells Radar Online.