• 17 Aug - 23 Aug, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly

It’s a film about Israeli agents helping Jewish Ethiopian refugees flee from Ethiopia through Sudan to Israel. Because of the unique mission the movie recounts – in which the Israeli agents use a diving resort as a front to smuggle refugees out of Sudan - The Red Sea Diving Resort walks a thin line between light-hearted action-thriller and the more dramatic real world suffering of the Ethiopian refugees. The film blends war drama with spy thriller levity, making for an at times uneven, but enjoyable movie in which Chris Evans shines.

Evans stars as Ari Levinson, a Mossad agent dedicated to getting all the Jewish Ethiopian refugees safely to Israel, even if it means taking big risks along the way. However, when he's arrested after escorting a group lead by Kebede Bimro to a refugee camp in Sudan, he's sent back to Israel to report to his boss, Ethan Levin. While in Israel, he devises a new plan: Use an abandoned resort in Sudan as a front to smuggle refugees onto covert Israeli ships just off the coast. There are a few hiccups along the way, including actual guests arriving at their fake resort, and the scrutiny of local Colonel Abdel Ahmed, but they're more successful than anyone expected. As Sudan's own political climate grows unstable, though, continuing with the Red Sea Diving Resort becomes much riskier – but Ari remains committed to saving as many refugees as possible. The film operates in a weird middle ground between spy thriller and war drama that may be the perfect blend of genres for some, but may be the worst of each for other viewers. Thankfully, with it releasing on Netflix, the barrier of entry is low, and if viewers aren't captivated, they can easily turn it off.

Some may like it.