• 17 Aug - 23 Aug, 2019
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For roti:

· 2 cups flour

· 1 pinch baking soda

· 1 teaspoom sugar

· 4 tablespoon olive oil

· Salt to taste

For paste:

· 1 cup gram flour

· 1 teaspoon crushed cumin seeds

· 1 teaspoon fenugreek leaves

· ½ teaspoom turmeric

· 2 tablespoon pomegranate seeds

· 4 tablespoon red chilli paste

· Oil to fry

· Salt to taste


To make the roti, take flour, sugar, baking soda, olive oil and some salt. Mix everything together. Knit the dough with as much water as required. To make the paste, take gram flour, chilli paste, pomegranate seeds, crushed cumin seeds, fenugreek leaves, turmeric and some salt grind everything together and make a paste. To make qatlama roll the roti and spread the paste on them and deep fry it till it changes colour to golden brown.