State of Grenada
  • 16 Sep - 22 Sep, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Panorama

The flag of Grenada was adopted in 1974, on the island’s independence from Britain. It is quartered by two diagonals, with two yellow triangles at the top and bottom, and two green triangles, in the hoist and fly. These are surrounded by a red border, with six five-pointed yellow stars distributed along top and bottom, and a seventh contained in a red disc in the centre of the diagonals. The seven stars are representative of the island’s seven parishes, while the depiction of a nutmeg in the green triangle of the hoist acknowledges the island’s main source of wealth. The colours, too, are symbolic; green for agriculture and the land; yellow for the sunshine; and red for freedom and the fervour of the people. Coincidentally or intentionally, these are also the colours of the Pan-African movement for African unity.