AirTV Mini


AirTV Mini is a streaming device that plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port as a way to get streaming video. It adds Sling TV, Netflix, Google Assistant, Android TV apps like YouTube, and Chromecast functionality to any TV set. More importantly, it’s compact and portable as well as inexpensive, without feeling cheap. The overall design can largely be disregarded because it’s meant to live tucked away behind a massive TV and barely pokes out of an HDMI port. It comes with a MicroUSB cord which can be plugged directly into a USB port on the TV for power or attached to a USB power adapter to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The good news is that after constant use, the AirTV Mini never gets sluggish while streaming. What does it mean to put a streaming device through its paces? It means being a channel surfer, or an app surfer. There’s nothing more frustrating than when apps or video freeze or stutter during use, but that wasn’t an issue with AirTV Mini. This may change in future software updates, of course, but for now, it performs perfectly adequate, like you’d expect. If you have an AirTV with antenna, however, it feels like it needs the AirTV for the complete solution to cord cutter's woes, is a little bulky compared to competing devices and its software interface is a little boring. None of that are deal-breakers, though, and compared to Roku or Amazon Fire TV, AirTV Mini competes head-to-head and is worth your consideration.