Eastern Pursuit

Subtle tea pink, mint green, cardinal red and gauzy white serve as backdrops to the intricately-placed embellishments and embroidered craft these attires boast of. The necklines, cut and silhouettes of these traditional apparels shy away from the contemporary, instead stay true to the old-world elegance and vintage-loved styles. Seamless bodices are kept uncomplicated, calling to the traditional in all of us. Long-sleeved, sweeping garbs furnishes the look with sweet chasteness and allure, winking colours of jewels. The lehngas boast of broad borders decked in glitter and embossed in gold cascading down in beautiful patterns on the flowing garb. Sublime and subtle is the way to go, and a crimson ensemble oozes the ideal balance of both. Rounded necklines and lacy trimmings spruce up the attires, aiming for sophistication and ready to be flaunted at rendezvous and private dinners.