Letters To The Editor

“It is at night that faith in light is admirable.”
– Edmond Rostand

Garbage disposal

People in Pakistan throw garbage on the roads, corners, empty places and anywhere they can find a place. This is also because there are places here where you will not find bins to throw trash. It is a time to spread awareness about the garbage management. Mostly people carry garbage in their pockets or bags and thrash them where ever they get suitable disposal. Many awareness programs should be held, initiatives must be taken to overcome this issue. We should train our kids and people around us to dispose garbage. Let’s help everyone achieve this goal.

Masood Azher,

Saving the marine

Marine pollution is known to be one of the most common types of environmental pollution in the coastal areas of Pakistan, which has affected the entire beach. The water contaminations have been destroying the aquatic lives. Most of the species are dying because the environment is not suitable for them to stay alive. The industrial wastes are very poisonous because most of them are chemicals which are residues of many products. When these chemicals are mixed with water, the toxicity of water increases due to which life can’t be stabilised in water. Marine pollution disturbs the food chains of marine lives too. There is an urgent need to take speedy actions so as to secure the Marine life and concerned authorities must swing into action.

Lubna Farukh,

Dangers of rat infestation

According to latest news report, over 10 cases of rat bites are reported in local clinics in Peshawar and its surrounding cities. Peshawar is rapidly becoming a hub of rat infestation, where these creatures rapidly breed and infest low-income towns. Residents of these towns have reported cases of rats as big as cats scampering across the city and attacking both adults and children at night. Rat bites, if not treated medically immediately can cause fatal infections. As the infestation grows wider, more people are falling victims to this lethal predator. Undisposed trash on streets and home, open sewers and gutters and drainage lines serve as their breeding grounds. With Peshawar being the active victim, rat infestation is rapidly scramming across other cities. The Ministry of Health and local government should deligently address this major issue and render effective solutions on priority basis.

Javed Lakhani,

Support for sports

While greater stress is laid on academics and educational curriculum, very little encouragement is given to organised sports activities. Years back, sports activities were cited as important as academic, but at present schools, colleges and universities neglect this aspect of a student’s life. Sports does not only go a long way in shaping one’s personalities, it also encourages discipline, builds confidence and instils a fervour to meet challenges in the young and old. Needless to say it also strengthens one’s body and mental state. Educational institutes should converge efforts and allocate fitting budget and resources for organised sporting events.

Shanzay Mulk,