Iqra Aziz has a message for our Prime Minister

“It is not Gangs of Wasseypur…it is Naya Pakistan!”

Recently a video of a teenage boy identified as Rehan went viral on the internet in which the boy was beaten to death for stealing money. The incident drew attention of the masses and a few celebrities came out to condemn the horrific incident. From the latter lot, Iqra Aziz’s message of outrage stands out as it is addressed directly to the PM, Imran Khan.

Taking to Instagram, the Suno Chanda actor wrote, “Everyone is mourning death of a young boy, aged 17, just for Rs 700. Everyone is tweeting that they are sad but my question is what is the solution?” She added, “When there is a video, prompt punishment should be served to the culprits and people should be informed publicly about the consequences for people who would commit such heinous crimes.” She concludes her post by asking he PM to tell the difference between Gangs of Wasseypur and Naya Pakistan. “It is not Gangs of Wasseypur or Mirzapur where you can do whatever you feel like doing, this is Naya Pakistan. Imran Khan, let everyone know!”