Artistic moods

Do you wish to paint your dreams in colour and give your canvas a story? If yes, then your art studio must be the most essential part of your house; design it with love, care and burst of hues. MAG picks out the must-haves of an art room. Take a look: 

Brush holder

Chuck out the boring stainless steel, Your art studio needs this functional (and adorbs) holder for your supplies. 

Framed quote

In case you need to draw a beautifully worded motivation…

Work table

The standing easel is classic, but this is multi-functional. And black.

Table plant

A little inspiration from nature, perhaps?


Extend your artistic inspo to the drapes.


Cluttered art supplies that kill the vibe! Stock yours in this geometrically graphic storage unit.


The wooden stool may have an original vintage touch but doesn’t this chic coloured spirals up a notch?

Trash bin

You may need to toss a lot of paper, so make it fitting for an art studio.