The design of the Latitude 7200 is a homage to the Microsoft Surface, although the hardware inside is more modern. Don’t expect fantastic battery life or GPU performance, but for general computing tasks, this is a powerful platform. The Surface machines have been heavily copied by other hardware manufacturers, wanting to grab a slice of the market they occupy. Dell has an extensive range of business laptops under the Latitude name, and the 7000 series are some of the most powerful and costly on offer. Dell has fully committed to Type-C charging on this range, and either port on the left side can be used to charge. The left edge also has microSIM and microSD card slots, a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and a volume rocker. On the right is a Noble Wedge lock. The only element present on the top edge is the power button, and on the rear right corner is a fingerprint reader for biometric authentication. Currently, a model with the same screen, memory and processor is an option, but it only comes with 256GB of M.2 SSD storage. Built around Intel silicon that was only released a few months ago, this machine operates as smartly and smoothly as you’d expect. Booting is fast, apps launch rapidly, and it eats any web-related tasks for breakfast. In achieving the goal of being like the Surface Pro, too many compromises have been made in terms of the practical side of this equation, much like the machine Dell aims to better.