• 07 Sep - 13 Sep, 2019
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Quest for desi comfort food is a whole mood which demands to be met, rather unexpectedly smack in the middle of the week. What matters is that you should know where it will be met best. My fix for the month turned out to be Tau’s which unexpectedly won me over with its exemplary desi dishes, with a twist. Too much experimentation with desi food does not always end well in my opinion, but a little tweak in the recipe can make a lot of difference. The restaurant offers local delicacies like varieties of BBQ and karahi, and some popular items like BBQ rolls, naan with different fillings and types of fries. Apart from the food, what’s particularly impressive about this restaurant is how they have spruced up the small space; it has the same area that most other new eateries have initially, one that holds a kitchen, a counter and sometimes a dine-in space for around 10 people. Tau is dimly-lit, fully air-conditioned, offers comfortable seatings, proper cutlery, servers in uniform, as well as take-out, dine-in and delivery services. I started off with their Cheese and Kebab Naans. The naans were very soft, piping-hot and had a delicious filling of simple cheese and well-marinated seekh kebab, each. I will make a special mention of their finger-licking chutney, a mix between sour imli and acidic red, garlic one, with a kick of spice in it. The naans and chutney are a meal on their own! I went for Handi Biryani, Beef Bihari Kebab and Paneer Reshmi Chicken. Biryani-in-a-handi concept is a good way to make a menu-staple look and sound exciting. I particularly like this biryani because it wasn’t too hot and laden with spices like others offer – the chicken used is boneless and the spices are kept simple and tasty, to the point that even kids can enjoy it. Wrapped in a foil came the Bihar Kebab; they were soft and well-seasoned, but I personally think that they could use just a bit more spice. The star of the meal was undoubt-edly the Paneer Reshmi Handi; creamy and mildly spicy, the boneless chicken dish came sizzling to the table and did more than satisfy everyone. If you like trying out the same dish from different places to compare the taste, don’t miss Tau’s handi! 

Location: C- 18 Saba Avenue, D.H.A PHASE 6 Karachi, Pakistan
Average cost for 2: Rs 1500 to 2000


Too much experimentation with desi food does not always end well in my opinion, but a little tweak in the recipe can make a lot of difference. And this is where Tau’s shine through. Special mentions to Makhni Karahi here.


The space is kept cosy and neat, with wooden shelves stacked with curious souvenirs and objects, adding a homey vibe to the place.


Servers are courteous and on their toes if they see you in need of any assistance.


The food is perceivably mouth-watering even before it reaches the table, thanks to the strong aroma coming from the kitchen. But the presentation, simple at times, will kick your appetite up a notch.


Tau is where desi comfort food dreams are realised, whlist being easy on the pocket.