Sheikh Abdul Moiz is a career counselor at his firm Ascent Education Consulting. He did his B.E from PAF Kiet and masters in IBM from University Of Vienna, Austria.

1. What grave mistakes do beginners make on their resume that tips the scale against them?

The first mistake beginners make is they make their resume way too long, try to make it concise and list things point to point. Nothing is more annoying than resumes that start with half a page of summarising someone’s background and skills. Your experience is what counts, not your interpretation. Let the facts speak for themselves.

2. Should I put my marital status on a resume?

Ask yourself, does it affect your ability to do the job you are applying for? If yes, you should. If no, then don’t mention it.

3. How can I make an impressive resume if I have no prior job experience?

Creating a resume with little or no work experience will require you to think out of the box, brainstorm things that you have done in your past or are currently doing that demonstrate your work ethic and commitment. For example, freelancing, school program organising, volunteering, debating etc. Focusing on these other sections on your resume can go a long way. Start with a summary which explains who you are and what makes you an ideal candidate. Highlight the school, college and university and all the trainings you have done yet. Then add the selected achievements section.

4. How do I network effectively?

Three steps to success:

1. Preparation

2. Interaction

3. Follow-Up

5. Should I make any changes to my social media if I am applying to jobs in case of background checks?

Consent is required for background checks, it is illegal to do so otherwise. But to remain on the safe side one must be fully prepared for the background screenings especially education, side business and employment history.

6. I have a major in an entirely different field and my interests have changed, how do I pursue a career with no prior experience or degree in another field?

Sometimes being a blank canvas is preferred because it has the capacity to choose your skills and mold yourself into the perfect candidate. I am an avionic engineer by qualification but during engineering I found the influential quality in me, I knew I can convince anyone, when I went to Austria in 2015 for my masters and to pursue a career, I realised this is not what I am looking for; education consulting in our country is being done only to make money, therefore I decided go to come back to start career counselling. When I was in Europe, I learned how Europeans counsel their youth. I started watching videos on YouTube, did short online courses, took trainings, attended sessions and started with giving workshops. Many industries and fields have a ton of free resources out there to help you learn. Frame your existing experience appropriately. •