• 07 Sep - 13 Sep, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly

The plot follows a competition series featuring amateur car racers competing against each other to be crowned the ultimate underground racer. Drivers from across the globe drive their custom built machines on 10 over-the-top obstacle courses spread across 100 acres. As they make their way through each over-the-top obstacle, their spotter helps them navigate each course from the observation box. Each episode of this fun, adrenaline-inducing series features off-the-grid drivers competing against each other in obstacle courses designed to test their cars and driving prowess. Amping it up are flashy Ninja Warrior-like courses, revving engines, and some Fast & Furious-type vehicle action featured in slow motion. But while Hyperdrive offers some of the edginess that the sport is known for, the racers appear pleasant and sincere as they cheer their competition on. Some of their backstories are also touching, which contributes to the overall sense of warmheartedness. Nonetheless, these drivers have something to prove, and are doing it as entertainingly as possible.

The verdict is adrenaline-pulsingly good.