KARDASHIAN fitness tips to throw out the window

When a Kardashian shares a weight loss tip, people listen. But that's not to say these women have mastered the weight loss thing: They've touted some questionable weight loss techniques and have multiple times come under fire for promoting products for payment without disclosing the sponsored nature of their posts. Nonetheless, it's only natural to wonder whether any of their weight loss techniques actually work. They don’t, that’s not how the world works. For the sake of your health (and your wallet), you might want to avoid these techniques:

Appetite Suppressant Lollipops

Kim posted on Instagram promoting appetite-suppressing lollipops, calling them "literally unreal." (She later deleted it.) The manufacturer's website claims these candies contain an active ingredient called Satiereal, "a clinically proven safe active ingredient extracted from natural plants." Eating one to two pops per day in response to hunger is supposed to promote satiety to help control food intake, cravings, and weight, and help hold you over until your next meal, all according to the website.

The truth: No, just no.

Exercise in a sauna suit

Khloé says wearing this secret weapon (essentially a trash bag that contains body heat during workouts) makes her sweat two to three times as much. "I like wearing the sauna suit during cardio, but you burn more calories and break a sweat faster even if you're lifting weights," she wrote on her app. She also says she drinks two or three times as much to prevent dehydration.

The truth: The technique can promote weight loss by increasing your body temperature and makes you sweat out water weight – but the effects are only temporary.

Ditch dairy

Khloé has said she lost 11 pounds in a month and a half by eliminating dairy from her diet and replacing foods like cheese, milk, pizza, and ice cream with dairy-free items.

The truth: Low-fat dairy is high-protein source of nutrition, and eliminating an entire food group is absolutely not necessary to lose weight or maintainable for most people.

Ditch gluten, too

Khloé's nutritionist cut gluten out of her diet – and Kourtney recently put herself and her kids on a gluten-free diet too, bringing dairy-free, gluten-free cookies to her brother Rob's birthday party for her kids to eat instead of birthday cake.

The truth: We miss bread.

Waist training

Oh the perfect hour glass figure of Kardashian dreams. The Kardashians plus Kylie Jenner of the K-clan have endorsed waist training for a while now and swear by it saying it makes you sweat more in the tummy area and gives that extra boost.

The truth: External compression via a waist trainer has absolutely zero permanent effect on fat distribution, intra-abdominal organ positioning, or body contouring. And here’s a question: doesn’t it get uncomfortable?

Weight loss tea

Kourtney has credited detox tea, and Kylie has said she sips one before shoots. Again, it's unclear if these promotions are paid for or if the Kardashians genuinely use the products.

The truth: Nothing you can take will have any real effect on your weight if you're not watching your caloric intake. We know, the truth hurts.

Tea wraps for carbs

Essentially, they're a sheet mask soaked in a special gel made with ingredients like green tea, cocoa extra, and a bunch of other stuff that's difficult to pronounce. You apply it to an area like your stomach, wrap it in cellophane to soak in, and rub the excess gel into the skin to minimise the appearance of cellulite for a firmer, toned look.

The truth: Wraps could eliminate some water below the skin, leading to a temporary change in appearance but not wraps on their own. Watching calorie intake is still a must.

Drink ghee every morning

Kourtney drinks this clarified butter every day, claiming it does wonders for digestion and boosts fat burn. Ghee is apparently the first thing she puts in my body every morning. One big teaspoon of ghee every morning, melt it on the stove in a pan and drink it straight.

The truth: First of all, doesn’t it taste vile? Drinking fat in the morning because it provides extra calories without making you feel full. Don’t force yourself to consume anything in the morning for health's sake – even breakfast on days when you're not hungry.

Chia your appetite away

On Kourtney's app, she says that chia seeds expand in the stomach to fill you up and reduce your appetite.

The truth: Chia seeds are calorically dense so, like most foods, they're only worth eating if you genuinely like them. Otherwise, drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal can deliver a similar feeling of fullness without costing you any calories.


You should do better to figure out what will work for you through trial and error rather than copy what someone else does. Particularly, when that someone is a Kardashian – or anyone who lacks a medical degree.