Reader’s Sanctuary

They say a reader lives multiple lives, as the pages turn and the universe of the book shapes in the mind, making them a silent spectator in a world imagined by another but somehow, belonging. Every reading aficionado dreams of a cosy personal library, with fairy lights tracing the edges of the shelves and the aroma of endless mugs of coffee lingering in the room. We do! We picked out everything we want in a home library, take a look! 

Reading glass holder

So that you know where to find ‘em. 

Themed frames

We all have a favourite quote. Trust yours to look good on the wall.

Book mark holder

Some bookmarks make it through countless reads. Here’s how you can keep ‘em safe.

Chunky knot cushions

Ultra trendy knot cushions for sure know how to keep things interesting.

Reading lamp

The suspended bulb and metallic finish is uber trendy.

Hand knit throw blanket

Use it as a runner for your sofa or a blanket to keep you warm.

Floor cushions

A little extra seating never hurts.

Reading sofa

If comfort is your priority, this spacious reading sofa is what you need.