Mediocre by Mahrukh


Need a card for a special someone? Here’s an adorable pick for you if you have a sense of humour and want to ditch the conventions around card giving. Mediocre by Makrukh brings minimalist cards with a quirky twist, the best way to wish your loved ones and make them laugh. Mediocre by Mahrukh is a stationery brand currently selling greeting cards and notebooks with a distinct focus on minimal design and maximum sass. “All over the city, I’d come across the most unoriginal, done-to-death, boring cards. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve thought to myself, I wish someone made cards that would make people smile, that wouldn’t just be meaningless accompaniments for presents, cards that could be enough on their own,” Mahrukh talks to MAG. “My sense of humour is very morbid. I’ve had people tell me that sometimes they can’t tell whether I’m joking or whether I’m just extremely, deeply troubled, which I find quite funny on its own. My notebooks, cards, and every piece of copy which I’ve written for the brand, are a reflection of what I personally think is funny.”