Give me some space!

Fashion trend that’s just out of this world

Extraterrestrial-themed fashion was around lurking in some experimental corners, but this year it has suddenly become more ubiquitous and more intense than ever. It began with space buns, colourful cosmic graphic t-shirts, crossbody printed with glimmering galaxies… until the trend became a total jam. Here is looking at how the fashion trend penetrated into local fashion.

Hair we go

Go blue, go purple or go pink! Cosmic inspired hair is a whole new trend and its time you too step out of your comfort zone and dip those tresses in high gloss hues.

In a cosmic world…

We know you want some space luggage now too!

Space buns

Sported by celebrities, models on the ramp and YouTubers endlessly, space buns have become all the rage. Cute, quirky and easy to achieve hairstyle drives your chic notch up several levels.

Futuristic makeup

Eye makeup palates like Galaxy Chic boasts of highly pigmented and glimmering shades which look just like their cosmic namesakes. These hues are perfect for the nebula-loving beauties of the world! Highlighting makeup kit titled ‘Moonchild’ by Anastasia Beverly Hill is another ode to spatial trends from the beauty world.

Give me some space!

Making for statement pieces in itself, cosmic inspired jewellery featuring stars, moons, planets and even funky alien cut-outs remain to be stand out trends. Get your hands on at least of such piece to add unexpected funk to your wardrobe.