Most Dapper Men This Summer

And how to dress like them…

Hot weather is not usually a friend to menswear. It limits your options and invites you to bare more skin than anyone really wants to see. Fortunately, this summer’s record-breaking temperatures haven’t caused these guys to go running for ungodly short shorts – it’s been a white-hot season for tailoring, workwear and colourful streetwear, all of which have been paraded around fashion shows and publicity circuits by old reliables and new faces alike.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gllyenhaal scores a technical knockout with a wardrobe that is big on dressed-down tailoring. He was seen donning open double-breasted jackets, wore worker jackets as blazers and used some very prominent jewellery to give a simple blue suit some louche attitude. Off-duty, he even managed to pull off the tricky tie-dye trend.

What to steal: The classic slick-back haircut, which is the kind of solid foundation that lets you experiment with everything else.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ’70s-inspired costumes in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood should give you plenty to think about for autumn-winter, but the man looked just as good off-camera. Wearing statesman like suits and statement jackets, he looked every inch Hollywood royalty all summer long.

What to steal: Not the goatee, at least not yet. Go for a tan suede jacket instead – they looked as good in 1969 as they do today.

Brad Pitt

As Quentin Tarantino dialled it back to 1969 in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, one of the film’s leading men dialled it back to 1999 on the press tour. This was Brad Pitt doing peak Brad Pitt, in loose, almost sloppy tailoring, baggy trousers and long-sleeved tops layered under tees. It’s a throwback to his own heyday and we can’t decide whether it’s deliberately fashionable or deliberately anti-fashion. Either way, he doesn’t look like he gives a damn, and that’s precisely why it works.

What to steal: Maybe the haircut. Pitt’s shaggy ’90s sweep is what ties all that nostalgic style together.

Antoni Porowski

Antoni Porowski’s low-key style is a great antidote to some of the louder trends that have been circulating. Think light-wash denim, simple tees and sneakers, and even when he’s more tailored, Porowski keeps the silhouettes as soft as the fabrics in neutral, tonal looks.

What to steal: An endlessly wearable palette of cool blues, all of which match one another.