Duniye Spa, Maldives

  • 05 Oct - 11 Oct, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Duniye Spa has become a leading spa management and consultancy company in The Maldives and Indian Ocean region, winner of several international awards and recognitions. Escape it all; find your personal paradise in serene surroundings, flow with the rhythm of the waves, lose track of time, connect to your soul. The Spa has the best treatments from around the world, and selected the finest therapists, each chosen for their outstanding skills as well as their genuine, caring natures and uncanny intuition. Awaken body and soul at Duniye Spas’s oasis of relaxation, beauty and well-being. Therapeutic massages, antioxidant rich natural skin care and freshly prepared body exfoliation are just some of the restorative treatments available at Duniye Spas. Additionally they also provide retreats featuring yoga, meditation, reiki and sound healing.