Make me up

We all want a vanity table that sparkles in the shade of the extra lights and is cluttered with eye shadow palates, lip colours and nail paints in every possible shade the human mind could think of. A space dedicated just to you and your art of makeup – the dream! MAG picks out the best of “what-you-needs” for your dressing room, take a look. A friendly reminder: don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes!

Wall art

There’s always a frame out there that can speak your mind.

Brush holders

Tired of mixing up your brushes? This is the answer to your prayers. You’re welcome.

Makeup organiser

Your vanity looks so much nicer when everything is put away. You’ll need this.

Makeup themed clock

Do you know what time it is? It’s time to wake up and make up!

Hand mirror

In case you want to channel the Elizabethan beauty in you.


Wrought iron stool with cushion is a chic and comfy pick for your vanity.

Cosmetics themed mug

Retro hand-painted ceramic mug for days you’re feeling extra.


Every girl deserves a black matte finish table where she can spend her hours in style.