Circus Brunch

I walk in at the Marriott Hotel, a smiling attendant, high-ceiling and crystal chandeliers welcome me and my excited toddlers. The Nadia Café in the main lobby hosts a Sunday brunch, a luxury dining affair with a circus themed buffet adjacent to it for children and a bouncy house outdoors. Settled in a corner table, I make a quick survey of the vast display of pastries, tarts and desserts in shot glasses, an aesthetic assortment with sugary biscuits in glass jars in the background play to the theme. A clown soon made an appearance to engage with the children in a juggling show and playing catch, and I was asked to get back to my brunch because the toddlers would be watched. For a mother of two, those words are far more joyous than “you have won the lottery”. The children’s section, adorned with sugary treats with cake pops, cupcakes, a chocolate fountain, doughnuts and whatnot, induced a sugar comatose for an adult at first sight. I thanked God for the jumping castle to expend the sugar rush on. Finger foods appropriate for kid’s taste buds and in miniature keeps kids interested in indulging in something other than chocolate. As an adult with windows of kid-free time, I start at the egg counter, various flavours of spreads add colour to the counter ranging from jams to peanut butter. What’s better than starting your brunch with a loaded omelette and an Americano while the kids are being watched? Without caring for the cultural clash of cuisines, I explored the Mediterranean salads in shots glasses, perfect serving size for one at an all-you-can-eat and sequentially, move on to trying sushi. With none good experiences with the Japanese delicacy, I was a happy diner with the successful experimentation. The aroma of fresh food amplified when a steaming serving of fish made its way out of the kitchen; fish with green salsa, a must-try from the vast spread. Other items on the menu ranged from soups to start with, continental gravies, desi cuisine and a make-your-own shawarma stand. While the per head costs stand on the pricey end, the culinary experience where the coffee continues to refill and children have distractions, the Circus Brunch is an extravaganza of food and fit for a one-off splurge. • –Eman Saleem