Firdous Jamal strikes again and its Imran Ashraf’s turn this time


Veteran actor Firdous Jamal made headlines for all the wrong reasons months back when he gave unsolicited comments about Mahira Khan’s age. His comments resulted in criticism from not only fans but within the fraternity as well, leading to him “being cancelled” by notable producers. But no! Firdous Sahab is at again and this time he has undermined the very talented Imran Ashraf. A video has been circulating on the internet where Fidous Sahab in an interview, when asked about the actor they believe has a bright future in the industry he called the younger lot, “models and showpieces”. He compared younger artists to dummies in a departmental store. When the host gave examples of Imran Ashraf’s role as Bhola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, Firdous claimed that “It wasn’t a spontaneous performance, but only pretension stressed Jamal. “He was acting, not behaving. Many people have outperformed such characters but unfortunately you haven’t seen those precious acts. I don’t want to criticise any individual here, but sadly acting is turning into a fashion these days. The fact is that the two professions are polar opposites as modelling is self-projection, while acting is self-negation,” Firdous concluded. To which Imran Ashraf replied very humbly saying he’s a veteran actor and he respects his opinion and requesting fans not to pass harsh comments for him.