“Banning the film completely seems like a personal vendetta against Durj,” – Shamoon Abbasi

Censorship Debacles

Actor-turned-director Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming film Durj has been banned by the censor boards across the country for reasons left unclarified. Durj was amongst the highly anticipated films to be released with a narrative based on true events – two cannibal brothers set loose in the country. Although its storyline revolves around the dark, taboo subject of cannibalism, visually the movie isn’t gruesome or vulgar. Abbasi broke the news on social media, “The censor board has some sort of objection and has halted the release in Pakistan for now. We are requesting the authorities for another review, and if they find anything unsuitable, we can remove it as per their request,” he wrote on his official Facebook account. According to Abbassi the Punjab and Sindh censor boards had cleared Durj a few weeks back after which they forcefully revoked the certificates granted. However, the suspense thriller, which made it to the 72nd edition of Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, was scheduled to release globally in select countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada on October 11, while it will release in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain on October 10, 2019.