Bhumi talks about shifting gears

With all three of her films having done exceedingly well at the box office, Bhumi Pednekar has proved just how talented she is. But what's also common between all the films is that they were all love stories. Now, the actress is trying to move out of that space and do films that centre on other topics and genres. "Yes, I want to move out of the whole love story area now. All my films have been love stories, so maybe for some time, I will just stay away from it. That's a conscious call I have made. Also, people haven't really seen the modern girl side of me yet. They have seen me in very desi characters, so maybe I would like to try something different which I haven't done till now as far as my characters are concerned," shared the Toilet star. She also revealed that she's busy reading scripts these days. "I have to admit that there's some pathbreaking work being done today. So yeah, there are offers and I am reading a lot of them. Let's see."