Jim Carrey turns author; takes on romance, acting & Hollywood in a novel

In addition to starring in movies, having his own Showtime television series, and putting out a consistent stream of artwork on Twitter, Jim Carrey has also carved out some time to write a book. Carrey has co-written a novel with Dana Vachon titled Memoirs and Misinformation, which is described as a “fearless and semi-autobiographical deconstruction of persona.” The book’s publisher, Knopf, went further in a press release, explaining that the authors “have fashioned a narrative about acting, Hollywood, agents, celebrity, privilege, friendship, loneliness, romance, addiction to relevance, fear of personal erasure, growing up in Canada, and a cataclysmic ending of the world – apocalypses within and without,” with Carrey himself adding, “None of this is real and all of it is true.”

Memoirs and Misinformation is slated to be released sometime next year.