What activities can I do at home and over the summer to get ready for university?

If you still have to apply to universities, then engage yourself in voluntary work or do an internship. Don’t sit at home but be out there getting to know people, network and engage yourself in different activities happening around you. If you can then go to a summer school and meet teachers and other students there and see how they are building their profile to apply to institutes.

Do you have any information to help me start exploring careers?

If you want to explore different career options then the best possible way is to do different internships. Try volunteering at a hospital and also try to intern at an MNC. This will allow you to learn about different career options available to you. Also, read about different careers and see if it interests you or not.

I am 24 years old and I have a degree in finance, however, now I don’t feel like this is for me. I don’t know where to start or what to look for in a job. Help!

A lot of time we are under the impression that our degree will only allow us to pursue a career in that particular field but the truth is that our degree gives us the privilege of branching out. Apply to different companies for jobs that are not only limited to your degree. Apply for the training programs different organisations offers.

Can I study psychology if I belong to a commerce stream?

It is advised to have some science or humanity background to pursue a career in psychology.

I am good with numbers; what career options do I have?

If you are good with numbers then you can explore various fields like accounting and finance, actuary, engineering, computer science and architecture. Most fields will require you to deal with numbers so whichever field you choose you will be using numbers.