Sunny Leone & her Disneyland celebrations

Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber’s lives revolve around their daughter Nisha who they have recently adopted. The family travelled to LA to celebrate the toddler’s second birthday, also marking her first international trip. Getting candid about her family vacation, Sunny shared, "Our only plan was to enjoy Los Angeles as much as possible and be away [from our usual, day-to-day activities]. We also had a family reunion with Daniel's family, who hadn't met Nisha until then. We were all excited about that." Revealing her daughter's birthday celebrations in Disneyland, she said, "With Nisha, every day is special. For her birthday, we went to Disneyland. She is very young right now, so she might not remember a lot of these things [when she grows up], but we will at least have pictures to show what her first birthday with us was like. That's why Daniel and I try and explore new places with her every day."