Best hairstyle catch from the runway
  • 12 Oct - 18 Oct, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Rainbow braids, creative ponytails, and gorgeous waves are some of the best takeaways from the New York Fashion Week, which caught our eye. Here are some among the best looks:

Give me your braids, Rapunzel

Designers continued with the punk pop dark goth fantasies with ultra-long braids dyed either platinum blonde or jet black. Some models wore precision-cut bobs, others still strict-parted ponytails. Either way the looks were graphic, severe, and unapologetic.

Sleek Pin Waves

Chic, simple waves adorned the heads of models. The hairstyles were kept simple, with a little something extra. An added small wave off the face, tucked behind the ear, created a unique, timeless finish.

Curl the tail

If you thought ponytails were meant for the gym or other casual settings, think again. Hairstylists proved a ponytail works beautifully for an evening look when styled right – in this case, which means an almost pompadour-like volume at the top and silky waves.

Chain the Headbands

The Fashion Week brought the "punk princess” out in everyone. Models were sent down the runway in chunky chain headbands atop low, soft ponytails. The accessories were strong bordering on scary, while the hair stayed coolly touchable.

Chic Ponytails

When not a single hair is out of place, the ponytail is snatched, smoothed, and streamlined – then you can call it a fashion pony. And that's exactly what hairstylists created, enticing perfection as inspiration. The ponytails were tamed with lightweight smoothing oil.

Hair Jewels

Leading hair stylist Justine Marjan had an innovative take on the low ponytail, adorning it with cascading silver chains. To secure the chains, she had a hidden cornrow going across the crown of the head so they could easily clip in. For extra shine, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum was used.

Inside Out Braids

French braids were turned on their head (kind of). Instead of weaving straight down the center-back, hairstylists pulled all the hair to one side, plaiting inside-out to create chunky, ropey, off-center braids.

Bounce, bounce, bounce

Models at Kate Spade wore pretty, shiny waves. Leading hair stylists used large curling iron and twisted hair inwards to give bounce and body.