My 19-year-old son who is studying BBA is highly introverted. He does not have friends and is mostly confined to his room, and occupied with his computer and play station. I notice he is socially awkward, self-conscious, and he has no demands either. My fear is that he has to join his father’s business in time to come.

Not to worry. Something may have gone wrong probably in his senior classes in academy where social shyness and social awkwardness may have developed, which has lead to his becoming self conscious. You’re son probably wants to be like others of his age but doesn’t know how to. He needs to visit a counselor or an image coach who can help him deal with these things. Meanwhile, create a healthy environment at home to help him express.

I’ve been married for two years and I’ve never been able to create my space and respect in the house. I still feel like an outsider. What should I do?

Space and respect for a new bride is very necessary and the onus of this lies completely on how the bride conducts herself in the new home, and it is never too late to create this. Important is your contribution in the new house, and your relationship building strategies, the key areas being interpersonal social skills, Art of socialising, social conversational skills, the art of saying “no” and where to draw the line. The most important being the art of creating your identity in the new home, keeping everyone happy, while partnering with in-laws. It is very important to multi-task and understand the man-woman relationship. It’s time to apply your people management skills along with tact and diplomacy.

Kindly suggest tips on dining etiquette; I am new to the hosting dinner parties with business clients scene and don’t have much experience with such formal affairs and I am very nervous about it.

Business deals are generally struck across the dining table, therefore dining etiquette and art of entertaining are of prime concern in the business world. The high profile event would require a fine dining set up. It would be a good idea to book a private banquet space in a star hotel and formal sit down dinner. The menu should consist of a six course menu, keeping the client’s palate in mind obviously. A seating plan of the dining table needs to be pre-decided according to the hierarchy and protocol. – Compilation of Pria Warrick