Shower for the bride

Plain old white walls may be such a bore but think of it like that: it’s a canvas and you can play with it all that you like. Got a bridal shower coming up? No problem! Here’s how you revamp your living room and set the mood to party

Cupcake stand

Your canvas is blank, how catchy would the glint of metal finish on the table look aligned with themed cupcakes.

Fairy lights in a jar

DIY this light-on-the-pocket and heavy-in-aesthetics décor piece.

Coloured candles

Love is in the air, make sure it smells nice! yankee candles in muted colours tend to do the trick. 

Flower pots

Add a dash of tropical affairs with these sleek and gorgeous flower pots from Lightly. 

Glass bell jar

Minimalist and classy; it will accentuate your set up. 

Checkered pink lamp

Need some dim lighting? Allow your fixtures to play to the theme; this pattered lamp shade from Habitt is an absolute must-have bridal shower accessory.

Themed mug

If you are celebrating a bridal shower, go all out and put it on a mug.

Tinted vase

Lift the mood of your set up with this tinted vase from Ikea.

Bride and groom themed balloons

Because nothing sets the mood like balloons. Pick up these on point themed pair from Party City.