Chic-Street Style

As the runway showcases the new ‘haute’ in fashion, the streets display not only the future but also what’s in-trend right now. From ’80s shoulder pads to split toe boots, neon shades to pastels, this season offers a perfect blend of classic, ultramodern and futuristic styles. The current trend of fuss-free casual dressing is soaring to the heights,.

Roll out of bed, add some shoes and a handbag and head out the door. Well not quite. This trend paired with a tucked in T-shirt, block heels, hair either loose or tied up in a bun and statement accessories is a perfect combination of lounge meets luxury. Then there is the denim on denim trend which is officially back in fashion. Yes, you read that right. What is so special about the double denim look this year? Forget about rules and make yourself look individual. If you want to play with colours – do it, if not, then you are free to pair the same blue hue of the denim shirt and jeans, keep it clean and clear, or play with distressed details, rips, and tears.

Denim is casual by itself, so you are free to play with it in different ways. A simple way to make your double denim casual look a bit sportier is by pairing it up with white sneakers. Basic outfit is going to look fresher and youthful. Another rising trend is of the embellished tops and blouses. Excuse the dramatic statement, but we think there are some really amazing tops out there. These days, the world of blouses, vests, tees, shirts and knits is a banquet of extraordinary things to feast upon. Tops and blouses with sleeves big enough to bash people out of your way and fancy cuts and fabrics sassy enough to ditch party dresses for – head out into the night like the magical creature you are.

Hair and makeup: N-Pro
Designer: ONE
Styling: Aun Muhammad
Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Photography: The Rohail
Models: Hina Ashfaq & Waseem Jan