My 16-year-old daughter hates having milk. How can I inculcate milk in her diet in some other source? What are some good sources for calcium?

You can help her get her milk intake by making her fruit smoothies, chocolate malt and getting her a cereal that she likes or enjoys. Other than milk; cheese, yogurt, cereals, chia seeds, fortified cereals and sardines are great sources of calcium.

I have really bad consistent back pain. I have been thinking about starting supplements. What do you suggest I take?

It’s important to get yourself checked first to make sure there’s no underlying cause for your back pain. For supplements, I highly recommend collagen peptides. They’ve proven to show excellent results for hair, skin and specifically joint health.

I cannot take medicines/pills whole. Will I ruin any of the properties if I crush them?

It shouldn’t make a difference to break down normal tablets into halves but make sure not to crush capsules or slow release tablets since they have the drug inside the capsule and the capsule is meant to be broken down by your gastric juices for slower release and maximum effect.

There is a lot of buzz about poultry chicken having bad effect on your health.
Is it true?

There has been no research on humans to prove the negative impact of commercial chicken on your health. My clients have safely consumed up to 500g of chicken everyday for years for weight loss and their health, hormone profiles and other reports just got better as they lost weight, including clients with PCOS and other hormonal disorders. That being said, I know some people that are allergic to commercial chicken and do fine with organic chicken.