Is what I like to do and what I can do well two different things?

What you like to do and what you can do are two very different things. You can walk and talk well but would you like to be an athlete or a public speaker? Your likes are things that you particularly find interesting and inspiring.

I am just starting with my A Levels. What is the best time to take the aptitude test?

If you are going to be taking an aptitude test, read. Read the newspaper and books and keep yourself up to date with the news. Another very useful way is to practice from SAT books. It covers both areas; math and English.

I am in my second semester and I can’t help but wonder. Is it possible that career stability can change in the future?

Career stability comes with time and it can definitely change as well. Stability is a relative term so sometimes you will feel more stable than other times. But what is important is consistency as that will lead to more stability in life.

I have an accounting background. What skills do I need to pursue a career in client relationship management?

To build a relationship with a client you need really good communication and interpersonal skills. These two things can help you pursue a career in client relationship management.

I want to pursue my MBA but I cannot make the time alongside a full-time job. I don’t have a very impressive resume; can you please guide me?

There are part-time MBA courses as well. You can look into these courses at CBM or IBA. If you’re concerned about your resume, you should include your skills, internships and other achievements in it so that it can become more impressive. •