Make your Mark 2.0

‘Sab se bara roug – Kya kahengay loug’ this statement itself has traumatised the lives of many. We live in a society where dreams of majority of the people go down the drain just because of ‘lougon ki baatein.’ Why do we care so much about what will people say when we don’t even know them? The said phenomenon which is very common in Pakistan has ruined the idea of self-achievement and aspirations of many. Our lives revolve around the fear of public opinion in any of our matters whether personal or social.

To address this harsh reality of our society, Aksar e Nau held “Make your Mark 2.0” where the aim was to discuss the issue while motivating the youth not to become a victim of the aforementioned practice. The evening included motivational session on the topic, speaking sessions by trained and qualified speakers, games, magic show, slam poetry and what not.

The attendees eagerly listened to Faheem, an actor, content creator who also starred in Parey Hut Luv. He said that one shouldn’t fall prey to the ‘loug kya kahengay’ stigma which destroys and shatters the dreams of the young generation mainly. Talking to MAG, Faheem expressed, “I always feel good talking to youngsters, I felt good that these kind of gatherings have started to increase where we can positively deliver the message but we should also focus on what is being said, it’s very easy to say ‘loug kya kahengay’ which is a good idea to not give importance to others opinion but people generally don’t go in-depth and vulnerability isn’t an option.”

Maham, the founder of Aksar e Nau took the stage with her unique story-telling where she shared her journey of paralysis and how she fought physically and emotionally to be on her feet again. “Aksar e Nau gives a platform to every individual, youth especially, from every walk of life to showcase their talent,” she said. We were then enlightened with the thought provoking views of a life coach and a trainer associated with a news channel and guest speaker at discussions. The conclusion of his session was that we shouldn’t pay attention to what people will say rather we should work on making ourselves better. With a mesmirising qawwali to end the day, Make your Mark ended on a soulful note.