Skin Is In 8 Ways to Get an Even Skin Tone

  • 02 Nov - 08 Nov, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Those freckles that were once adorable when you were young are now simply a sign of your youthful (and current) sun exposure indiscretion. At some point, the same freckles are given the unfortunate name of "dark spots." Even worse, hyperpigmentation has been called out as the most conspicuous sign that your skin is starting the aging process. While you can certainly seek out the fading power of a dermatologist's laser, there are also topical remedies to diminish the dark spots. Here, the best of the best when it comes to fading dark spots for good.

Some Glycolic polish for your skin!

Physical exfoliants like gritty scrubs can be too harsh for sensitive skin. Instead, polish away hyper-pigmentation with Glycolic acid. (The word "acid" makes it sound scary, but it's actually way gentler on your skin.) Opt for products like L’Oréal Revitalift – the lightweight (and derm-backed) formula to slough away dead skin cells, revealing clearer, brighter, more evenly-toned skin while you plump fine lines and wrinkles at the same time.

Vitamin C to the rescue!

Activated vitamin C works to break up skin discoloration and dark spots, revealing a more even and uniform skin tone. White birch extract restores moisture and boosts collagen production. Dark spots are lightened and your complexion is left hydrated and healthy, too.

Get some lactic

Lactic acid kills dull pore-clogging dead skin cells (bye, Felicia!) to reveal smoother and fresher looking skin. The lightening product can double as a serum or a mask with its creamy fluid texture.

Masking matters

Oh, the power of a good mask. Get one with the brightening and exfoliating trio of Salicylic acid, Lactic acid, and vitamin C team-up to buff away dull skin cells and diminish dark pigmentation. And because dead skin is sloughed away immediately, you'll notice instant results.

What’s your serum story?

When targeting dark spots, it's all about the active ingredient (i.e. what's doing all the corrective work). This rapid-acting serum utilises two percent concentration of hydroquinone, the most clinically proven skin-lightener on the market.

Skin-lightening science

The two percent dose of skin-lightening hydroquinone fades dark spots and discoloration while glycolic acid exfoliates for smoother, younger-looking skin.

Retinol for skincare!

Derms will tell you that retinol is the closest thing to a magic bullet that there is for skincare. And when included in this serum it aims to help minimise hyperpigmentation. Chamomile and aloe ensure the oft-irritating ingredient doesn't visibly (or invisibly) piss off your skin.

Slather on sunscreen

It's been said by smart people that the best defense is a good offense but the opposite is actually true of spots. By slathering your skin in sunscreen, you can prevent the need for a hyperpigmentation intervention in the future. For damage that's already been done, this SPF also comes with melanin-reducing licorice extract.