From The Tropics

Who doesn’t want to wake up close to nature every day? As much as we may want to, we have to open our eyes to bare ceilings and four walls. So, why not change that? Here’s how we want to channel tropical vibes in our bedroom. Take a look:

Palm tree table lamp

This wicker lamp shade and metallic work yells tropical! And anyway, if we are doing themes, might as well go overboard.

Printed curtains

How airy and cool do these look?

Wicker swing

Everybody needs seating in their room. Take yours up a notch with this standing black wicker swing.

Wall art

Is it even tropical if there are no palm trees in sight? With this frame, it is.

Embroidered throw cushion

This cover for your throw cushions from Khaadi couldn’t be more perfect.

Coconut vase

Is it a vase? Or a coconut? We love it because it fits our theme oh-so-well!


Amp up the tropical vibes with this bright coloured rug.

Coconut shell mug

This mug made from dry coconut shell for nights you curl up in bed with hot cocoa.

Wicker basket

Plain old plastic basket for your dirty laundry? Nope, not for us!