Napoleon’s bust by Rodin discovered in New Jersey’s town hall

  • 04 Nov - 10 Nov, 2017
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A sculpture of Napoleon’s bust by Auguste Rodin sits in the council room’s corner of the town hall in Madison, New Jersey and is said to have been overlooked for years.

With no paperwork for the marble bust at the Hartley Dodge Memorial, which serves as the town hall, no one had any idea of the treasure the building possessed.

The discovery came only in 2014, when the foundation hired 22-year-old Mallory Mortillaro as a temporary archivist.

While making a list of what was in the building, Mortillaro got to the bust of Napoleon Bonaparte that had been pushed up against a wall of the room.

The foundation said that the sculpture had recently spent two years in a plywood box during renovations, surrounded by jackhammers and building debris.