My sister is very weak. What should we add in her diet so that she gains some healthy weight?

Calculate her maintenance calories by multiplying her weight in pounds with 14. She should eat 2-300 calories above maintenance. 80% of these calories should come from whole nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, butter/ghee etc. If she is unable to eat a lot of food, she can consume liquid calories by making herself a protein shake with some nut butter, Chia seeds, bananas, dates and a scoop of vanilla ice cream if she likes. The ingredients can be switched according to her tastes.

My four-year-old is losing weight and getting very skinny. He’s an active kid overall. Should I be worried?

Children can lose weight when their level of activity increases because their daily energy expenditure is more than the calories they’re consuming. To avoid this, you should encourage healthier eating habits and more frequent meals. Make his meals fun by incorporating foods that he enjoys and making sure he doesn’t skip meals. Add in a glass of milk or two with some chocolate malt or fruits that he likes.

I take dates for my sugar cravings since I want to lose weight. Is that a good idea or should I stop?

If dates help curb your cravings and fit your daily caloric intake, there’s no reason for you to stop having them.

How can I give my metabolism a push? I’m hitting the big three O soon.

Our metabolisms can slow down after we’ve been on a diet for too long. A good way to overcome this is by taking a diet break for a week to 10 days and eating at maintenance calories during this time.

Is intermittent fasting a good way to lose some quick weight?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern and has no effects on weight loss. It works for some people because it helps them limit daily calories and a caloric deficit is what really results in weight loss. IF is great for people that prefer big meals since the eating window is short. •