My son is in grade 5 and I cannot decide if I want him to go for OLevels or Matric. Can you give me pros and cons of each?

Honestly both education systems are good. You need to help your son figure out what he wants to pursue in the future. If he wants to study medicine in Pakistan, then Matric would be a better choice.

My daughter is two years old. What is the right age to start pre-school?

There is no right or wrong age for your child to start school. Most parents prefer that their child starts pre-school at the age of three.

I have completed my BDS and am now thinking to attempt CSS. Is it a good idea to change my field after my bachelors?

There is no harm in exploring another field especially if you think you don’t want to pursue BDS.

I have been working in a bank for six months and I hate every bit of it. I feel like I would be better suited for a more creative job but I don’t know what my creative talents are. How do I identify what could work for me?

Do internships or volunteer at different organisations to find out what your talents are and what you enjoy doing.

I want to start my own thing but I cannot get over my entrepreneurial fears. What should I do?

You will have to not let the fear get the better of you. Meditate and try stepping out of your comfort zone. Few days will be good or few days will be bad. •