• 09 Nov - 15 Nov, 2019
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  • High Life

Burgers – once considered being a quintessential meal for Americans has today become a party of daily food habit for people globally. That’s because they are ready to eat, easy to get, can be eaten while working and the most importantly – they are just delicious. Who doesn't love burgers, right? If you are looking for the best burgers in Karachi, then here are four burger joints you need to check out ASAP.


Enter Hoagies at Saba Avenue, Karachi and it feels like you have entered a cowboy pub in the Southwest of the States. The wooden interiors, soft, country style playlist and to accompany the mood, a perfectly in-sync menu, courteous staff, all provide a pretty much wholesome experience. If you happen to swing by, don’t forget to try their loaded fries; a medium-sized box full of fries mixed with cheese, shredded beef, caramelised onions and topped with chipotle sauce and sliced jalapenos. The chips are served with mayo dip and extra chipotle sauce which had a sour and a slightly spicy kick to it. Next is the Hollywood sub – this might be your favourite if you like a hot peppery flavour. The bread is a strong point of the sub, though. Japaleno cheddar bread has its unique flavour and definitely enhances the overall gustatory experience.


Burgers and pizza joints in Karachi are ridiculously ubiquitous. And Sals has been singled out as one of the best by our burger connoisseurs. The premises are petite, with wooden benches aligned to seat around 10 to 12 people. And while the space is small, it is not congested. Sals is all for burgers. The eatery offers burgers in both chicken and beef and strongly recommends the beef. The Holy Smokes and The Burgzilla happen to be their speciality. Holy Smokes packs a grilled patty swathed in BBQ sauce with munchy layering of onion rings and pepperoni. Whereas the Burgzilla boasts of juicy and well-tenderised double patty, rich in cheese and layered with onion rings, jalapenos and beef bacon, making it a culinary beauty to behold.

Gun Smoke

Ages before pan Asian, Asian fusion and Korean cuisines could settle for a niche in Karachi, steakhouses had already found a market for the meat-loving lot, here. Amongst the many steakhouses which promise tasteful steaks, Gun Smoke has become a favourite haunt. Walking into Gun Smoke makes quite a neck exercise as there is really a lot to take in for the eye; aeroplane models are suspended from the ceiling, stationed in the air mid-flight, polished wooden tables with alien-green upholstery ready for the diners, a long counter with costumed wait staff and a large marble bar at the apex of the eatery which holds salads of every kind. The restaurant has occupied quite a big space for itself with tables strewn far across the floor, giving the restaurant a quirky look. The extensive menu boasts of handcrafted burgers, signature steaks, all-day breakfast and grilled chicken meals.

Burger O’Clock

There is always a restaurant which sets the precedence for more to follow, and when it comes to the insurgence of burger joints across the city, we do owe it to Burger O’Clock. Walk in, place your order and sit back and relax and soak in their attractive ambiance as you wait for your order to get prepared. Aroma of enticingly melting cheese and freshly fried patties arouses the hunger. The restaurant is noted for their continual reinvention of their menu, where they are always adding new burger flavours (and sizes) to fancy the burger connoisseurs. Firebird is a regular crispy chicken burger, but what made it a hit is its well-balanced spice connotation which melded perfectly with its saucy spread. Jalapeno burger packs a crispy-grilled patty between freshly toasted buns and adds smattering of jalapenos, making a case of a spicier mouth-watering burger. All in all, they have a diverse menu to choose from which is equally delicious. •