Lawyer turned comedian, Faiza Saleem has been a recurring name on social platforms be it launching a line with a high-end brand or doing comedy sketches. Venturing into the big and the small screen from social media, Faiza is an entertainment powerhouse who is here to stay. We get to know the first social media entertainer of Pakistan up close and personal. Read on…

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

Read All About It by Emile Sande.

If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be?

Scarlett O’ Hara from Gone With the Wind.

Do you have a useless talent?

I can do an eyebrow dance.

Best compliment you have ever received?

That you’ve changed the face of comedy in Pakistan.

If you could be a child for one day, what would you do?

I’ll run around making everyone laugh without thinking about the repercussions (laughs).

An item you like to collect?

Souvenirs from all over the world. Sometimes boarding passes too.

What can turn the day around for you?

My mother telling me she’s proud of me.

Your favourite health care regimen?

Drinking lots and lots of water.

Tell us an embarrassing story.

This one time I got really upset about the TV not working and kept asking Abuzer, my husband, for help only to realise that the TV was okay, just not plugged in. I was too upset to notice. Unfortunately he tells this story whenever and wherever he can.

Something you wish you had more time to do?

Travel for fun and not just for work.

If you could meet a person for the first time again, who would it be?

My husband.

A beauty product you swear by?

Flat out fabulous by MAC.