The very bold and beautiful starlet, Faiza Ashfaq, is an emerging name in the industry with a career spanned over a few years. A name associated with big brands, the self-made young diva has made it big in a very short time. It all started a few years back in Thailand when she was shooting for her first television commercial that she recalls being just another juice ad. Unbeknownst to her, this was the time that would play a defining role in her career when she got discovered and soon made her way to a campaign shoot for Gul Ahmed with ace photographer Rizwan ul Haq. You may have seen her glamorously posing on billboards, channeling her inner diva for textile campaigns and showing off her quirky and lively self in commercials. With her diligence and commitment she has gained all the fame and success that she possesses today. Ashfaq has been associated with brands such as Khaadi, Asim Jofa, Sheep, Bareeze etc. She longingly memorises the moment she saw herself on a billboard for the first time as the best moment in her life in a conversation with MAG. Spilling the beans on her career decisions, what the future looks like for her and more, she settles in for a conversation with us and keeps it real. Excerpts follow:

How would you define yourself as a person?

I’m a self made girl. I have never compromised on myself and I’m proud of that.

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?

Everything I do, I do with all my heart. Modeling somehow started accidentally but then I gave it all my passion. I love my work.

What is your greatest strength as a model?

Well, I don’t know there is something I love about modeling. Even if I’m not feeling well and I have something scheduled, I will go to work and I feel better the moment I start to pose.

What do you think is your biggest weakness?

My family! My family is my biggest weakness and my biggest strength.

How has the fashion industry treated you?

The fashion industry has its own pros and cons. If you know exactly what you want, then you have to prepare yourself for everything which comes in the way. Models have to be very thick skinned to achieve what they want! Because people…. Duh!

What is your top priority when signing a new modeling gig?

It would be that I’m working with professionals. It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small names.

Since you’re now married, what changes have you experienced professionally?

What about marriage? I was working a day before my wedding night and four days later I was back to work with mehendi on my hands (laughs). But no I didn’t have to make any changes.

Do you have any plans to make your debut on the big or small screen?

If a good script comes my way, yes.

On social media, some celebs fall prey to online judgment while some purposely ask for it. Where do you stand on it? How do you handle online trolling?

I don’t pay attention to trolls, they are just fans who need help, I thank them anyway. Rest, those “TV pe aanay waalay loug” who purposely ask for it they know that they need that kind of marketing by making fun of themselves because real stars like Humayun Saeed or Fahad Mustafa, you won’t ever see them pulling such publicity stunts.

What would you pick as an alternative career for yourself, if given a choice?

I think designing. I’m really good at it.

Since models are perceived as influencers, do you think that this ‘influencer’ badge comes with a responsibility? To speak, process and do things rightfully, since you may in a way or the other would be influencing the society.

With great power comes great responsibility, I totally believe that. Although the industry has never accepted models who speak their heart but time is changing now. And it feels great to be one of those models who speak their mind responsibly.

First celebrity crush?

It would be David Beckham.

A celebrity you wish to work with in future projects?

It would be an honour to work with Ellen DeGeneres.

If you would want to change any aspect of your appearance, what would that be?

I would absolutely change nothing about my physical appearance, it’s how God has made me.

What is your biggest phobia?


What do you see yourself saying to a 10 year older you?

I am so proud of you.

If you were to write your biography, what would be the title?

I will name it ‘Winners Stand Alone’. It sums up my life.

A beauty regime you swear by for your skin?

The first and the most basic step is to clean your skin properly before going to bed, every night.

How would you define your style sense?

I like to keep things minimal yet in vogue.

One thing a woman should never do?

A woman should never stop believing in herself.

Your most disliked habit?

I can be very anti-social at times, which I feel I shouldn’t be.

Three words describing you?

Humble, ambitious and headstrong.