Zahra Shaheen

The beauty expert answers some FAQs!
  • 09 Nov - 15 Nov, 2019
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Dentist-turned-MUA, Zahra Shaheen believes make-up is beyond being finicky about eye shadow palettes, contour or highlighters – it is about looks which accentuate a woman’s best features. A professional, trained under Samer Khouzami and Anastasia Soare (of Anastasia Beverly Hills), Zahra is here with her magic (mascara) wand and a brand new salon in Lahore city. She made the seismic shift in her career when friends and family put their trust in her for their looks on special occasions and decided to take this on full-time when more and more people approached her for her work. We ask the newcomer in the industry for some of her beauty tips and trick; read on to take some advice from a pro.

What is your earliest memory associated with makeup/beauty?

I always used to be fascinated by the cosmetics on my mother’s dresser. Whenever she used to get ready, I’d always copy her and wear makeup.

One all-natural beauty regime you swear by? Except for drinking water!

I use coconut oil for everything. It is my go-to product for removing makeup. I also use it as a moisturiser for face and body. It’s an all-rounder – great for hair, skin, nails and an effective anti-fungal.

What’s the most universally flattering makeup routine for a woman over 40?

A primer is your best friend. Choose your primer according to your skin type, preferably something with silicon which would fill your pores and give an airbrushed finish. Use a flat head kabuki to buff your foundation into those pores and wrinkles. Stick with minimal makeup and do not cake yourself up!

And for a woman in her mid to late 20's?

Sunblock is a must, followed by a tinted moisturiser if you have good young looking skin and if not, just add primer to this duo.

Between a cleanser, moisturiser, night cream, and eye cream, where does it make sense to spend the big bucks?

Moisturiser. Always the moisturiser.

Queries from our readers:

How can one get their fingernails to grow? Mine split easily and break at the slightest pressure.

Get your blood tested since there can be many reasons for brittle nails for example iron deficiency etc. But generally, take biotin since it helps hair and nails, to grow. And for a home remedy, the miracle worker – coconut oil because there is nothing that coconut oil cannot fix!

I have literal craters under my eyes that need filling every time I wear makeup. I can’t cover up my dark circles; any tricks or new products to help?

Use a corrector followed by a thick concealer and dab it in with a beauty blender instead of using brush strokes. Set it in with a translucent powder.

How often is it recommended to get a facial?

It depends on the type of skin you have. Every person has a different skin turnover rate. You need to get your skin assessed almost every month to know whether you need complete skin rejuvenation or just a simple cleanse and decide a skin care routine based on the results.

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