7 Beauty Myths, Busted!

Looking at some age-old beauty and makeup myths, we all can do without.
  • 09 Nov - 15 Nov, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Myth 1: Don’t use your fingers to apply make-up

Please do. Because of your body heat, fingers can be very useful make-up application tools – especially for liquid products like foundation and concealer.

Myth 2: Conceal your eyes first

Concealing your eyes should be one of the later steps in your routine. Finish your eye make-up, then apply foundation, and finally conceal your under-eyes. Not only will you be able to clean up all eyeshadow fall-out, you’re also less likely to cake on too much product under your eyes.

Myth 3: Expensive makeup is better

This one is probably the most enduring myths and so hard for us to dispel because of it being perpetuated so strongly. Without a doubt, there’s no truth that expensive means better in the world of skin care or makeup. Simply put, after 35 years of our researching all types of beauty products from hundreds of brands, there are good and bad products in all price categories. Spending less doesn't hurt your skin, and spending more doesn't necessarily help it.

Myth 4: Feel a cooling, tingling sensation on skin? Means a product is working!

This is one of our favourite myths to bust because once you know the truth you can stop inadvertently hurting your skin. Fact is, a cooling or tingling sensation is your skin telling you it’s being sensitised, not helped! The most common ingredients that cause a cool or tingling sensation on skin include denatured or SD alcohol, menthol, menthyl lactate, peppermint oil, camphor, and eucalyptus. Avoiding products that contain these ingredients is doing your skin a huge favour—and it will pay you back by looking better and better! What if you love how refreshing these ingredients feel and you’re not seeing any problems? Then it must be okay, right? Sadly, no. Although your skin may not show it or react in a negative way that you can see, applying skin-aggravating ingredients causes problems you may not see but they’re still taking place and will definitely show up over time.

Myth 5: All-natural ingredients work best for skin

This one is more tied to the emotional pull natural ingredients have for so many people, because in truth, there’s no factual basis or scientific legitimacy proving natural or organic ingredients are better for skin. And as we all know, there are poisonous plants or plants you can be terribly allergic to so, natural ingredients being automatically better isn’t factual in the least.

Myth 6: Your skin adapts to products you use so they eventually stop working

Skin doesn't adapt to skincare products any more than your body adapts to a healthy diet. Spinach and grapes are healthy for you today, and they’ll continue to be healthy for you months and years from now, even if you eat them every day. The same is true for your skin: As long as you are applying what’s beneficial for skin (and avoiding things that harm the skin such as unprotected sun exposure) it remains healthy-looking.

Myth 7: Bold brows are always best

Thank heavens that more naturally shaped brows seem to be permanently back in fashion. That doesn’t mean that thick, dark eyebrows are for everyone though – if you’ve never naturally had them, there’s a good chance that they’ll throw off the balance of your facial features.