Republic of Honduras


  • 04 Nov - 10 Nov, 2017
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Honduras was one of the five member states of the United Provinces of Central America and, like the other constituent states (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua) has retained a blue and white tribanded flag based on the federation’s flag, itself modelled on that of Argentina. Honduras’ flag was adopted in 1866, with the five central stars representing a desire for the rebirth of the federation. The state flag has the five stars appearing in an arc under the national arms: a triangle, representing equality and justice, stands on a shore behind two in an oval, banded with the motto Libre, Soberana, Independent (Free, Sovereign, Independent) and the date of independence: 15 September 1821. Above this are arrow tails, possibly representing the indigenous population, while down the sides of the oval curl bounty. Finally, a landscape below the oval depicts trees and industrial motifs, representing the nation’s forests and natural resources.