Ataullah & Son – It’s Promising Stuff!

Oh, the voice is surely full of nuances and ripples!

Sanwal proved on the circuit, this season that he has what it takes to fare well in the tenor market.

His father Ataullah Eesakhelvi is a legend of folk and traditional songs, but Sanwal looks like he could be trending into folk, pop and semi-classical numbers. Their experimental song together in the beverage billing, Sab Maya Hai got good reviews, and Sanwal used his musical acumen to impress his father. I remember, I once listened to Ataullah’s number in a film, titled Laila. It was a good ditty, phrased Yaar Sanwal…! Now, it’s Sanwal, his son, bestride him.

This season, the bottled recipe was to present the talented young family members of famous men and women of music. Sajjad Ali and his fankar daughter showed up, Ali Zafar’s younger brother performed, Shaukat Ali’s son, Nabeel did decently, as always. So, Ataullah and Sanwal had their own stint, as well.

Most importantly, it has to be seen if Sanwal sings a variety of songs well to attain the popularity that his father enjoyed throughout his career.