Zara Akbar’s – Political Science

Past chapters can rankle! Nobody knows it better than politicians and actors. So, when glamorous Zara Akbar tried to turn the page backwards, the story unfolded immediately. That’s called revision!

Ummm… let me begin with her hubby she has gone to court against. His name is Fauzi Kazmi. Yeah, the one who is supposed to be a friend of big kharidari. The one, whose shin was strapped with a bomb. That happened in the 90s. But, some of our readers may not be that old to remember that episode. I can tell you, it was no small shindig.

Well, lots of scandals folks when it comes to friends of big kharidari! Of course, I am talking about the glamour girl who married Fauzi. Now, she wants to go to court to get her alimony sorted out. “I have been married to Fauzi for 19 years,” she told the press. “He gave me the kharch for two years after marriage and the birth of my child. Then, he suddenly stopped it. So, now I am going to the court to receive my haq!”

But why now, an investigative sleuth asked. Somebody amidst the congregation suggested that it’s all political. “She is now a member of Noon!” a chaukanna chap whispered rather loudly. Zara couldn’t let that go. “Look, there’s lots of difference between my case and Ayesha Gulalai’s muamla! I haven’t done this on somebody’s bidding. It’s my right. Fauzi destroyed my life. Please don’t make it political.”

In her heyday, Zara was a rage. Chiselled features, perfect teer kaman eyebrows, all that. She acted in quite a few TV serials. Probably did a film or two. That’s when the fellow in question fell for her. That’s also when the shin-bomb episode happened. Okay! Let’s see what says the Fazi…. umm… I mean the Qazi. I am afraid her hubby may have noon... uh... none of it!