Move over, pineapple pizza! Gulab Jamun Pizza steals the thunder

Experimental Food

After pineapple on pizzas, a picture of 'Gulab Jamun Pizza' triggered an online debate. Naya Daur Media, a Pakistani digital news platform, has shared the photo of a pizza, which you may just call a dessert. It has juicy gulab jamuns placed on a bed of what appears to be sweet bread and dry fruits. People are greatly offended by this combo. Some are even calling it a crime, “This crime against humanity needs to be tried under the Geneva convention,” said one account. Who on earth would have thought of placing Gulab Jamans on to the pizza crust in the first place? Why even mix these two? They both are separate superior items in their own realms. This Gulab Jamun Pizza is definitely every foodie's worst nightmare.